SHG Travelling Option


Usually, when you study in a university, you have to study during the entire program at that university on the same campus. Therefore, 3 years in Bachelor and 2 years for an MBA. At SHG, it was also the case, students could travel only for internships. 

However, SHG is expanding and there are now many SHG schools around the world. The program is the same in each school since it is all made from the headquarters in Geneva, besides, each SHG school is fully-owned and managed at 100% by SHG, thus each SHG school is offering the same program. 

Students can now select the SHG Travelling Option. They can choose an SHG school each year according to their wishes and if there are available seats. 

Please note that each SHG school has different prices, therefore students need to pay the tuition fees of the selected school. 

Select your SHG school

Students must inform the Admission Department if they want to activate the SHG Travelling Option. SHG will double-check the availability. The students can indeed choose the school among the SHG school listing.