Why SHG PARIS is the best school in Paris?

SHG Paris vs. Other schools:

1/ SHG is the only school to provide paid-Internships each year. Other schools only provide 1 internship for the 1st year, and sometimes no internship at all: students often struggle to find one by themselves.

2/ Internships provided by SHG are for 6-month periods each year. In other schools they last either 3-4 months per year or else there is only 1 internship at the end of the studies which is not enough to get a job after school.

3/ Only at SHG you can choose your internships destination. Therefore, SHG is the only school where you can do an internship in a different country each year.

4/ At SHG Paris classrooms, groups are small (max 15 students); in other schools, there are 25-35 students per class.

5/ SHG is an international school with students from all over the world. 90% of the students are foreigners. SHG is the only school to guarantee that you will be fluent in English after graduation. We also teach French to foreign students.

6/ At SHG, the workload is 25-35 hours of courses per week. In other schools, you only have 10-20 hours. 

7/ Only at SHG, you have the opportunity to study every year in a different campus or country, thanks to SHG Travelling Option. Indeed, SHG is the only group to own his schools at 100%. We have no franchises or partnerships, the program is the same in each SHG School and Each SHG school has a very high quality of education: it is “made in Switzerland”.

8/ The level of education is so high at SHG Paris, that it is the only school to guarantee job offers after graduation.

9/ The case studies analyzed in class are real cases from SHG Swiss Consulting Branch.

Limited Admissions

SHG Paris has several admission periods per year, however admissions are limited. Apply now to have a chance to be a SHG Student.